NFL Super Bowl XLVI for all

4 02 2012

Hello to all NFL fans, marketers, advertisers, MMD colleagues and numbers freaks! I found an interesting article about the 46th NFL Super Bowl I want to share with you all.

Known as probably the most important sports event in the USA – the NFL Final gives goose bumps to advertisers and marketers all around the world. Why? – Because of the numbers. This year the organizers promise to provide an unforgettable experience for American football fans. This year’s final will be against the New York Giants and New England Patriots, a rematch of 2008 Super Bowl where the Giants won by 3.

But let’s focus a bit on the numbers:

  1. 30 seconds of ad = $$$
    In this situation number can’t be exact, but the word goes that 30 seconds of add cost around 3,5 million dollars! And this is where the fight starts between TV stations.
  2. Madonna
    The 53-year-old super star, Madonna, is ready to go on the Indianapolis stage for an impressive concert held in front of aprox. 100,000 people (in stands). Apart from her, the organizers have settled deals with some other famous singers such as the Indian singer M.I.A., Nickj Minaj and others.
  3. 25 countries
    Okay! – Not so requested as other international sport competitions or clubs. Just to have an example, Barca TV can now be found in 151 countries around the globe, NBA All Star Game is expected to reach over 200 countries (also on radio) and Tour de France was broadcasted in 190 countries (in 2011). The NFL Super Bowl will also be live on TV, among others, in Denmark as well, on TV3+ and TV3+ HD and in Romania on Sport 1.
  4. The tickets
    Because the tickets were sold out long before the final, the black market had a great influence on the tickets price. Therefore, the cheapest ticket can be bought for around 4,000US while the most expensive one can be purchased with even 15,300US.
  5. All about the ratings
    Last year, for the Super Bowl XLV, more than 110 million Americans were watching the final, which brought a great income to the broadcasting TV station. This year, the organizers expect even more fans to watch the NFL Final on TV.
  6. The Romanian touch
    Zoltan Mesko is the only Romanian national who will be present on the field for the Big Final. The 25-year-old player is on the New England Patriots rosters from 2010, when he had his debut in the NFL.
  7. Las Vegas and Super Bowl?
    Last year the bets placed on the Super Bowl, in Las Vegas, were a bit over 80 million dollars. This year, the bookers expect this number to exceed 100 million by Sunday and this only in Las Vegas.
  8. Seinfield – the main actor
    Jerry Seinfeld is the main character in an ad that was already viewed 12 million times on YouTube and will be broadcasted during the Super Bowl break.
  9. The Stadium
    Lucas Oil stadium from Indianapolis (build from public funds), cost 720 million dollars, back in 2009, when USA was in an ascending economical crisis.
  10. Super Bowl is trending!
    Expect that Super Bowl XLVI will take the control over the trends on social media, as the websites indicated that topics such as #patriots and #giants have over 64K and TomBrady (New England Patriots QB) has over 47K.

You can check out the video commercial here: Super Bowl Commercial
Stadium 360 view:

article source:




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